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Dragon Profile
In the dragon dance originated in China's traditional dance. Dragon dance and lion dance, in the old days in a year of major festivals inside one of the programmes. With Chinese immigrants around the world, now the dragon culture, has been throughout China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States, Australia and New Zealand all Chinese on the region and become a symbol of Chinese culture.
South Long
South Long, Gumingsiyi, developed in the vicinity of the Jiangnan dragon dance forms. South Dragon Dragon relatively heavy, leading in the whole of the Dragon most part. South-style in a momentum. Because of its weight, so movements that did not, as long as the North spent on substance, in the emphasis on physical. Reply in a south-Pearl of a person, and with Dragon, usually requires about 10 people, Dragon about nine meters long. As the South-not the pursuit of flexibility, so Dragon in the 20 m


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